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Paper City Scribblings is a collection of rambling thoughts on Holyoke Massachusetts by Sarah Campbell, Curator of Historical Collections at Holyoke public Library in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Topics will include historical jaunts through Holyoke's past, History Room happenings, and Holyoke news.

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My name is Sarah Campbell and I am the Curator of Historical Collections at Holyoke Public Library. I have my MA in Art History, my MS in Information Science with a concentration in Archival Management and my BA in English. While I live in South Hadley, I am a born Holyoker. I was born in Providence Hospital and have had a permanent link with Holyoke ever since. I went to Miss Jone's Story Book Nursery, the Children's House, and finally Holyoke Community College. I love Holyoke and am quite excited about the many fascinating things that are going on right now.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A delinquent archivist's appologies

Hello All,

Yes, I know its been simply AGES since I last posted. This is due to the craziness of my schedule. I do apologize and I am going to try to be semi-regular with my little musings on Holyoke and the archival profession in general. I know I promised a picture of the Frog Circus earlier but that will have to wait while I figure out how best to post the images to this page. So this will be a bit of a catch-up session for you so that we can get reacquainted.

So- what's up?


The Holyoke History Room is still the guest of the ever gracious Holyoke Community College. If you get a chance do come visit. We are located in the lobby of the library at Holyoke Community College. Give me a call at (413) 552-2842 and I'll be sure to give you directions to our lovely abode. The hours currently are:

Monday: 2-6
Thursday: 1-5
Friday: 9-1

Saturday: At least 1 week's notice for Saturday appointments as I must change around my schedule to accommodate appointments. Call (413) 552-2842 and speak to me directly as there may be Saturdays that are already booked.

Sunday: Closed

Watch this space for changes in the hours- when HCC goes on summer vacation we will lose our night.

And as I always say it is always a good idea to call ahead as I am the only person who works full time here. If I am out, with the exception of Thursdays and Fridays when I have two wonderful volunteers, I am closed. I am called to travel at times; I have meetings to go to; Sometimes I go on vacation; and at times I get sick.

I also suggest that if you need to view the records of a Holyoke company, social group or business please call at least one day ahead as it is very difficult to pull these out of storage when there are people in the room.

What else is up?

Well, as I mentioned in my last post that I wrote in December but just put up today I have been accepted into a workshop on preservation offered by the New England Document Conservation Center. This wonderful opportunity has taught me so very much about the methods of managing and preserving our collection. Armed with the knowledge I have gleaned from these classes I have begun writing the disaster plan for the Holyoke History Room. This will ensure that rescue workers know how to treat these fragile collections under the most inopportune conditions.

And of course I have been answering patrons questions and preserving the collection- all of which is great fun as this City has so many treasures!

So next week I will jump back into the groove of supplying you with anecdotes on the city of Holyoke.

But before I leave you today let me give you a shameless plug for Wistariahurst's Nifty Fifties Spring Gala. It will occur on Friday, May 4th from 6-9 at Wistariahurst, 238 Cabot Street, Holyoke Massachusetts. These are GREAT parties! And they benefit a great institution. There will be live music and dancing, a silent auction, exhibits on Holyoke in the 50s and much much more. Period dress is optional but it is so much fun to bring the 50s alive by donning your bobby socks and poodle skirts; brushing your hair into a DA and dancing the night away. I will be dressed in my little black dress ala Audrey. The tickets are $25 per person. Please contact Wistariahurst at (413) 322-5660 for more information.

See you next week!