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Paper City Scribblings is a collection of rambling thoughts on Holyoke Massachusetts by Sarah Campbell, Curator of Historical Collections at Holyoke public Library in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Topics will include historical jaunts through Holyoke's past, History Room happenings, and Holyoke news.

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My name is Sarah Campbell and I am the Curator of Historical Collections at Holyoke Public Library. I have my MA in Art History, my MS in Information Science with a concentration in Archival Management and my BA in English. While I live in South Hadley, I am a born Holyoker. I was born in Providence Hospital and have had a permanent link with Holyoke ever since. I went to Miss Jone's Story Book Nursery, the Children's House, and finally Holyoke Community College. I love Holyoke and am quite excited about the many fascinating things that are going on right now.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Marvelous Microfilm Machines oh my!

Hi all,

Sorry about the delay. I have been going through the process of purchasing a new microfilm machine for the History Room. Yet this is not just your run of the mill every day machine. No- this machine will actually digitize the article on the roll, allow you to clean up the image, sharpen it and then print it out with a clear crisp image. It will also let you send the image right to email- thus allowing your patron just to put that article into whatever context they wish. Pretty neat huh? Im exited. We might actually be able to create a searchable database- wouldn't that be so cool! We will have people flocking from everywhere.

So I thought that I'd share that bit of happy news before I got into my topic for today.


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